Walmart Return Without Receipt

Walmart Return Policy – Without Receipt

When the discussion is concerning supermarkets, you merely cannot ignore the existence of the world’s largest food market, Walmart. this can be one place wherever you’ll virtually get everything that you simply need. It is not very common that, such retail vendor publicly highlights their return/refund policy. So, all such return/refund related information is very carefully drafted here, so that, essential information is available for all the customers. Having aforesaid that, let’s take a glance at Walmart Return Without Receipt.


Walmart Return Without Receipt



Know About Walmart’s Return/Refund Policy


If you’re searching for real data on the Walmart return/refund policy, you’re at the correct place. We’ve listed all the facts that you simply ought to understand about the Walmart return/refund policy. Before you return any product that you have simply purchased from Walmart, you should be accustomed to the principles. Once you are aware of the return procedure you shouldn’t have any problem in returning the things that you simply don’t need.

For return/refund of product there is a system structured by Walmart. By reviewing the guideline of Walmart return policy, you’ll get to understand about what products can be returned and what cannot. One significant thing to keep in mind during returning the product is that, it should be returned within a specified time limit. Following are the carefully drafted points, using which information one can understand all ins and outs of the returning policy.



Walmart’s Refund/Return Rules


Here are the rules that you need to know related to the Walmart return policy.



Electronics purchased from Walmart comes with ninety days’ return policy. Though, there’s a special provisions framed for a few electronics. For example, It is necessary to return things like 3D printing provides and 3D printers within thirty days of purchase. Also, keep in mind that, time limit to return products like computers, digital cameras, hardware related to computers, camcorders, tablets, GPS devices, pre-paid mobile phones, digital audio players, drones, handy video players, digital watches and printers, is within fifteen days of purchase, if find faulty or not matching your expectations.


Books, music, movies and video games

Movie DVD/CD, books, music DVD/CD and video games can be returned within ninety days of purchase. Conversely, according to the rules of Walmart, video game related hardware is required to be returned within 15 days of purchase.


Clothing, accessories, and Footwear

In case of apparels, footwear and men/women related accessories should be returned within sixty days of purchase date. Failing in returning within specified time limit may result in invalid returnable.


Prescription glasses

For medically recommended glasses, returnable time limit is sixty days.


Product care plans

Return or Cancel Product care plans within 90 days of purchase.



Return Food packet purchased from Walmart, within 90 days.


Watches and jewelry

Return watches and jewelry to the Walmart Store within 90 days, if required.



Return Photos physically to Walmart store within 90 days of purchase.



You can return the tyre to Walmart within 90 days of purchase without any further delay, because then after they will not be accepted in any circumstances.


Sports and fitness Equipment/Accessories

According to the Walmart supermarket rule, sports and fitness equipment/accessories can be returned within 90 days of purchase.


Home and garden

Any home and gardening related products, return will be accepted within 90 days.


Health and beauty

One can able to return any beauty and health related products, and can get refund within the time limit of 90 days as per Walmart policy.


So, the overall impression is that, Please initiate return process within 90 days for most of the products purchased from Walmart Supermarket as per Walmart Return Policy. Customer care desk reviews such cases very carefully, they are exceptions. Walmart don’t accept anything once the validity of returning the product is over, which should be kept in mind. So, better to keep track of the validation period of purchased product, for trouble-free return of the product.



Ways of Return


If you change your mind after purchase of any product to Walmart, below explained points should be kept in mind while returning of the product. And these points are very basic and important that, any Walmart shopper should be known. There are 2 different ways, using which any Walmart product can be returned.


  • Write an E-mail to Walmart ( the product you want to return.
  • Visit Walmart store personally with the product and return.


Select any of the options as per your personal convenience.



Without Receipt return policy of Walmart


It happens on so many instances that, shopper losses payment receipt of their purchased transaction on Walmart mall payment counters. In such cases, it is difficult to put up one’s case on the customer service desk or through online mode, however, there are options to return the product without having product purchase bill/invoice. For that, one can use one of the below mentioned options.

  • One can exchange the product with another similar product.
  • One can exchange the product if it is not functioning well or a bad product.


Any of the mentioned options can be used to return/exchange the product for which no payment receipt is available.


Walmart has composed its own product return policy, just like similar market giants. Being familiar with the Walmart return policy, one can easily return the product and get refund the amount or can get exchanged the product. We can also do Walmart Order Tracking using online portal. All one should keep in mind is that, product should be returned/exchanged within prescribed time limit with Walmart. So, keep shopping without any tension…




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