Walmart Order Tracking

Walmart Order Tracking – Order/Package Tracking


On ordering product or a commercial item online from Walmart, the prime customer concern is delivery status. Many Walmart customer shopping online are even unaware about the fact that; their online selected product/item can be located at any time after successfully placing order on Walmart’s online shopping portal.  We can able to know product related information like dispatched status, current location of the items, and time of final delivery etc. using Walmart order tracking system. ‘Walmart Tracking’ is the easiest option to get all the information of the status of your shopping.


Walmart, being world’s largest retailer, takes extraordinary care of customer satisfaction.  ‘Walmart Online Tracking’ is an option available to Walmart’s online shoppers, as an exclusive convenient option. So, being Walmart’s conventional customer, leave all your worries and just enjoy online tension free shopping experience.


Kindly find below explained procedural steps to track your product online.



Steps to follow for “Walmart Tacking”:


To begin with, keep your email-id and online order reference number handy and click on option “Walmart online” once, and feed basic details inside the blank tabs.


Step 1.

  • The very basic requirement to track/place online order through Walmart’s online shopping portal is, one should have our own ‘Walmart Account’, in which all your simple profile details like, Name, E-mail Address, Delivery Address, Contact number, preferable payment option etc., should be registered.  Enter above mentioned details and your account will become operational, and you will be able to use it.


Step 2.

After signing in to Walmart website using once login and password, “Track Your Order” option will be visible at the top right corner of the webpage. The easiest way to get to tracking option just click on “Walmart Order Tracking”, which will redirect you to the tracking page.




Step 3.

Clicking on “Track Orders” tab, following menu will be appearing on your computer screen.





  • Enter your email address and last 6-digits of your online order number in the displayed form. Then after click the “View Order Status” button and you are there. It will display the status of your Walmart online order.



“What”, if you don’t find any Tracking details of your Order?

Follow the above mentioned 3 steps carefully. After that, still you are not able to see the current status of your online order and no information shown. Instead “Our system could not find any information related to the email address and order number.”, message appears on the screen, then the possible reasons for such message are:

  1. Information entered were incorrect/invalid.
  2. Tracking details are not updated the reason is that, Order is in still in processing phase.
  3. Order package/items are not yet taken by Carrier.
  4. Carrier has not updated package tracking info into the system.
  5. Order number is expired or removed from the system of the Carrier Agency.
  6. Tracking can take 48 hours to change status in the system.

Be patient, and re-enter the order reference number along with email-address and check the online order status again after sometime. Even after entering correct details, still you don’t able to see your order status, just call on the toll free customer service number for further assistance.



To make your online shopping experience pleasant and simple, we have tried to attend all the information and features, which are in a way very simple to operate. These steps are explained in very simple manner. So that, someone who don’t use mobile app or computer very frequent can also be able to understand and follow. So, all the best and enjoy online shopping with Walmart.




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