Walmart NextDay Delivery

Walmart NextDay Delivery – Eligibility Criteria


Walmart has recently introduced new feature which enables customers to get NextDay Order delivery. To qualify for this, there is no annual fee. For this feature, Walmart has identified a list of selected products.  If your online order value is more than $35 then only, it will qualify for NextDay delivery. However, you have to make sure that, in your cart all items should be labelled as “NextDay Eligible” tag. Otherwise your order will disqualify for Walmart NextDay delivery option.





Follow this for Next Day Delivery


It is necessary to place your online order within NextDay delivery cutoff time. Then only, you will receive online order on the next day. Changing/Updating quantity may affect NextDay delivery. Also, If you order anything after cutoff time, then you will get that delivery within next couple of days. Walmart has a list of qualifying zip codes, within which NextDay delivery is possible. For qualified orders registered on Saturday and Sunday, there will be delivery on the date and time displayed. Property type such as commercial and residential address, may also affect delivery dates. If your online order is less than $35 and still you want to get it reach to your doorstep NextDay, it can be possible by just paying delivery fee of $5.99.



Furthermore, Walmart thinks that, to match its promise of next day delivery some additional/existing warehouses may require. This will ensure that, delivery of product will reach to the online customers the very next of the actual online order. This customer base will be about 75% of its total customers. If Walmart will have more warehouses, then e-commerce management will be more efficient and faster. On the other hand, some believes that, Walmart super-centers in USA can be better utilized to cater high demand of next day delivery. Because of this, customer will be able to get fresh and frozen products along with other grocery items within the time-frame. Furthermore, Tracking of Walmart Delivery is also possible online.


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