Reporting lost walmart credit card

Walmart Credit Card Lost

Walmart Credit Card Lost

Walmart being world’s retail giant, continuously putting its efforts to provide with excellent service and products to its worldwide customer base. Customer satisfaction is on top priority for Walmart Customer Service team. Furthermore, Walmart is having more than almost 11,500 stores spread over in 27 different countries. So manage everything at par is difficult sometimes. In spite of that, Walmart’s global team of around 2.2 million employees work harder to meet customer’s requirement day and night. This is the only reason that, Walmart is growing day by day throughout the world. Reporting Walmart Credit Card Lost is must…




Report Walmart Credit Card Lost

Walmart offers two type of cards to its customers. One is Walmart MasterCard and the other is Walmart Credit Card. Generally, Walmart Credit Card approval takes time because of further authorization from banks and all. As per standard guideline, Walmart delivers Credit Cards on customer provided shipping address only. In some rare cases there are chances of misplacing Credit Card before delivery to the customer. It may also happen that somebody steal your wallet.


Walmart Credit Card Lost or Stolen



You really can do nothing in such cases. We should immediately report such stolen or non-receipt of Credit Card incidents to the respective authority in a proper channel to resolve it. Luckily, Walmart has predefined Lost/Stolen/Damaged Card policy, which definitely is very helpful to the customers. Please go through the below mentioned information to have more knowledge regarding reporting of Walmart Credit Card Lost.









If you didn’t receive Walmart Credit Card:

After successful submission of Credit Card application, Walmart’s internal Credit Card approving authority reviews the case, as per standard approval procedure. After validation of customer provided information, respective team initiates the process of dispatching Walmart Credit Card. Please keep in mind that no express approval kind of process available in Walmart, so if someone commits such things just avoid it. Walmart keep mentioning it every time that, after approval it takes 7-10 working days to deliver the physical Walmart Credit Card to the customer. If still you don’t receive the card report Walmart Credit Card Lost complaint.


If not delivered, what to do:

After passing 7-10 working days the below mentioned procedure should be followed for non delivered Walmart Credit Card. For better customer query resolution, Walmart has bifurcated different kind of customer care services and allotted dedicated phone number to each. For non delivered Credit Card, customer should dial 1-877-294-7880.


Steps to Follow:

  • Make a call to customer care number, listen all the instructions carefully and follow them. Don’t hesitate to provide basic personal information if asked for.
  • If you don’t satisfy with telephonic services, then for specific query press “0” and it will take you where you can speak to dedicated customer service agent. For verification purpose they might ask you some questions related to your profile registered with Walmart Account. Once your details are verified, you can make specific queries related to your issue and can get the exact status of Walmart Credit Card delivery.
  • If you have not received Credit Card but in Walmart’s records it shows delivered, then you can file a complaint to customer care.
  • On receipt of such complaint, Walmart customer care team will work on same, and try to resolve the situation. And if necessary, will again process your application and will get you Walmart Credit Card as soon as possible.


If Walmart Credit Card is Lost/Stolen/Damaged:

In today’s fast life, the chances of lost/stolen/damaged Credit Card are very high. Like all other major Credit Cards, the process of blocking to avoid possible miss use is more or less similar. In case of lost/stolen/damaged credit card, don’t get panic and just follow proper steps and you are safe

To report such Walmart Credit Card Lost complaint, you can either report such case online or you can call on customer care number.


Reporting Walmart Credit Card Lost, Online:

Reporting lost/stolen/damaged cases online is the easiest way. Below mentioned are the steps to follow to report your complaint online with Walmart.

  • On Walmart’s official site ( login first to access your Walmart Account.
  • Then, go to your Account Summary subsequently.
  • Click on the link “Request Replacement Card”.

Finally, on following these steps, Walmart will automatically discontinue existing Credit Card. Also, the system will register a request to issue a new Walmart Credit Card.


Reporting Walmart Credit Card Lost to Customer Service Helpline:

Firstly, to report your complaint, contact Walmart Customer Service team on toll-free helpline number of 1– 877 – 294 – 7880.  Furthermore, this option is preferable for those who are not comfortable with computers. Walmart’s customer care team may ask you some basic details for verification/authorization of the authenticity of the case.



Undoubtedly, Lost/Stolen/Damaged Credit Card is nothing new in today’s time. I believe that, being careful about your belongings is your personal responsibility. In case of, Walmart Credit Card Lost, report such cases immediately to the respective authority once it comes in your knowledge. By doing that, one can prevent any misuse of Walmart Credit Card.

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