Walmart Capital One Login

Walmart Capital One Login


Walmart is introducing new Walmart Capital One rewards card. This is almost similar to other Walmart reward cards. The only difference is that, from October 11, 2019 onwards, Walmart Credit Card account will transfer to Capital One bank from existing Synchrony Bank. Such change is going to offer exciting unlimited rewards on the products you purchase every day.

By the time, this change will come in action, continue using your existing card like the way you do. The only thing you should take care of is that, keep your contact details updated. So that, you receive all the information regarding everything. From October 11, 2019 you can start availing rewards according to the new Walmart Capital One Login without changing your existing card. You need not to re-apply for new Capital One rewards card.




Get More with Walmart Capital One


New Capital One card will be delivered to all existing Walmart Credit Card holders. Delivery of new Capital One card will be later this year on early 2020 according to the Walmart’s official website ( . On receipt of this card, existing Credit Card will become unusable. Once you receive new card, activation process should be performed. Also, online subscriptions and monthly charges kind of information should be updated with your new Walmart Capital One rewards card.

Some of the enhanced rewards and new benefits are as below. These benefits are additional to existing one.

  • 2% cash back is applicable on restaurant bills and travel tickets
  • 1% cash back at all the places where normal MasterCard is accepted.
  • Now you can redeem your reward points for flight & hotel bookings and Car rentals also. Earlier, redemption was applicable for gift cards from Walmart or other retailers only.


Things are Changing – Walmart Capital One


Auto Payments

If you have set up direct debit for monthly utility bill payments or have any scheduled payments after October 10, 2019, then such auto payments will be cancelled. To avoid further complications, it is advisable to reschedule all payments in your new Capital One rewards card for better online experience. This will be starting from October 14, 2019.

Payment blackout period

There will be a blackout period starting from October 10, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. ET through October 13, 2019 midnight. During this period, payments will only be accepted by mail. However, other mode of payments will continue as it is, except online payments.

Sam’s Club

Due to this change, Sam’s Club will no longer be accepting payments on your existing account.

Due dates for payment

As the card is changing from scratch, payment due dates will also change with all other things. To get along with updated payment due dates, please check your first Capital One statement.

Mailed Payments

For all mailed payments, be very careful after October 14, 2019. Your first statement from Walmart Capital One rewards card will have a new look, new features and new address too. So, don’t forget to check the new payment mailing address and phone number on your October or November 2019 statement. Furthermore, send mailed payments to that new address only.

All other Walmart payment acceptance changes

Walmart may continue accepting payments made at Walmart Stores, as a courtesy. However, the customer care executive may ask you to present your existing Credit Card for the respective account. Also, payments may take a couple of days to get credited in your account and not on the same day.


Online Experience

All Walmart Credit Card approved customers will receive a new and unique 16-digit card number. This will entirely different from that of the existing first account holder. Approved customers will able to continue their account, till new cards are sent. New Capital One rewards card will be issued to primary as well as authorized add on family members.




Once you get a new card, all your set direct debit and auto payments will discontinue. Such auto pay will not transferred to your new online Walmart account. Only thing you have to do is that, just enroll at official Walmart Capital One site which is ( This will allow you to get facilities like Auto payments, online payments, digital statements, personal customized emails and text notifications etc.




Those who are already a Capital One customers can simply use their present username and passcode. They need not to create new one. Using the same credentials, you will be able to access all your Capital One accounts at a single go. Customers who don’t have Capital One online account, can get registered and set up the things using their Social Security Number (SSN).

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