Reload Walmart Gift Card

Top Up/Reload Walmart Gift Card Online with Debit Card and Paypal


“Walmart Gift Cards” are the best options for you if you are willing to impress your family, friends and lovable ones by your gift. Since Walmart has the tendency to take care of their regular and valuable customers, so succeeding that more effectively, Walmart introduced the “Gift Cards” for more convenience of their customers. Let’s know how to reload Walmart Gift Card online…

So Today, I’m going to guide you about, reloading your ‘Walmart Gift Card’ using different services like PayPal and Debit Card for more convenience. So here we go…





Reloading Your Walmart Gift Card Online:


Whenever you want to buy somebody a gift, getting confused is a very common. It always happens that, we are unable to decide about the perfect gift. For such instances, Walmart Gift Card is the perfect solution which offers two type of Gift Card options, online Gift Cards and physical Gift Cards. There is a range of products offering by Walmart Superstore. A person can use his gift of “Walmart Gift Card” to choose product from complete Walmart product range. Walmart has a range of Gift Cards for number of occasions like Birthdays, Weddings, Graduation Ceremony, Baby Shower, New Home, Festivals, Food etc.

Please go through below mentioned couple of easy ways using which, Walmart Gift Card can be reloaded online again.



Top Up Walmart Credit Card Using PayPal:


Top up Walmart Credit Card please follow below mentioned simple steps. To reload Walmart Credit Card using PayPal option, please go through following procedure.

  • Please link your Walmart Gift Card with your existing Walmart Credit Card for Top up.
  • Link Walmart Gift Card successfully with Walmart Account ( For easy bank transfer you have to follow some simplest steps.
  • After successful filling of required information please not down Personal ACH Number, ABA Routing Number and Issuing Bank Name. This information is useful to link PayPal account to existing Walmart Account.
  • Now the link has been established between Walmart Gift Card with PayPal. Now log in to PayPal account and key in ACH Number and Routing Number.
  • Pick select an account option on PayPal and click on “Link Bank” option, which will consider Walmart Account as a Checking Account for PayPal.
  • For confirmation of Bank Account link make a couple of transactions of some small amount to top up Walmart Gift Card.
  • Successful transaction confirms that, Walmart Gift Card is now link with PayPal account.



How to Use Debit Card to Top Up Your Gift Card:


Walmart Gift Card Top Up can also possible using your existing other bank debit cards. Such kind of ‘Rapid Reload’ are very popular nowadays, for which process is very easy and simple.

  1. Visit any nearby Walmart Superstore.
  2. Ask Customer Care representative at the desk to top up your Walmart Gift Card.
  3. Bank will debit the amount you want to reload on your Walmart Gift Card from debit card. They will swap Walmart Gift Card and will top-up money in it.

To top up your Gift Card you can also make cash payment. Visit Walmart Superstore in personal, for making such cash payment on Gift Card. Using Gift Card online order can be placed and Online Wamart Order Tracking can be made also.


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