Cancellation of Walmart Credit Card

Cancellation of Walmart Credit Card – Methods

Walmart offers excellent service and benefits to the customers. Still there are so many unsatisfied customers. This may happen because different people have different mind-set. In case, you are fed up with your existing Credit Card or even if you are happy but still want to stop/cancel the Walmart Credit Card, there is a standard procedure to do it. Such situation varies from case to case basis, like someone may be enjoying benefits of the Credit Card fully, whereas some may be not. That all depends on the basis of the usage we do of Walmart Credit Card. Let’s find out cancellation of Walmart Credit Card procedure…


Cancellation of Walmart Credit Card


Walmart Credit Card – Cancellation Procedure 

It is very rare that, someone doesn’t like Walmart Credit Card service, because according to the Walmart research team, the cancellation of Walmart Credit Card ratio is almost nil. Throughout the world the customer satisfaction figures are significantly high. However, that depends on individual’s interest and habit of using credit card. If you are unhappy with existing Walmart Credit Card and want to stop/cancel the services, then the procedure for it is quite simple and safe. Have a look at below mentioned four possible ways to stop/cancel your Walmart Credit Card.


Cancellation by calling customer service Helpline:


Instructions to cancel your Walmart Credit Card using a phone call;

  • To start with, Dial 1 – 877 – 294 – 7888.
  • It is Walmart’s 24*7 customer support helpline number.
  • Simply follow the instructions given by automated phone calling system and if asked for, key in required information.
  • To speak to Walmart’s Customer Service Executive, press “0” and wait until you are connected with someone.
  • Walmart’s Customer Card executive will ask you some personal details such as Name, Walmart account details etc., for authorization.
  • After validation of your details, they will immediately stop/cancel your Walmart Credit Card. You will get notification regarding the same immediately on your phone.

Cancellation by Sending a Mail:


Such method of cancellation is quite time consuming and may give you confirmation a bit late. But if you want to keep everything in your record then, go for this cancellation method. Just go through below explained procedure.

  • Write an E-mail stating valid reason of cancellation and send it to respective Walmart authority.
  • Provide your Walmart online account and profile related basic details.
  • Do not forget to attach your most recent billing statement to verify your credentials.

On receipt of your cancellation request, Walmart customer care executive may validate the information provided by you, and will initiate the process of cancellation, which may take a bit more time than other mode of cancellation procedure.

Cancellation by visiting Walmart Store:


If you have make up your mind to cancel Walmart Credit Card, one of the options is by visiting Walmart store in personal. By using this way, one can have face to face discussion with Walmart Customer service executive and can walk out from there with no hard feelings with Walmart. To cancel your Credit Card, you will be given a cancellation form to fill. Read all the information properly and write correct details and submit the form to customer desk executive for further procedure. Once all your provided information is verified, your physical card will be collected there, will be cancelled on the spot and you will be informed about it.

Online Cancellation of Walmart Credit Card:


If it is difficult to get time to visit Walmart in personal and submit the cancellation form, online cancellation application is another convenient way ( To do so, just login to your Walmart account and there you will find an option to cancel your existing Walmart Credit Card. Just click on it and your request will have registered effortlessly.


  • It is recommended to keep Walmart Credit Card with you rather than to cancel it. Again if you change your mind and want to use it, you can directly use it and will able to get benefits of Walmart offers and promotions. It may also be helpful and valid in other Walmart associates elsewhere.
  • It is wise step to surrender your Credit Card and not to handover to someone you know to use it. This way you may prevent additional cumulative service related charges.
  • In some cases, such frequent cancellation of Credit Cards may create negative impact on your Credit Card history and may affect your CIBIL score.
  • It is always good to give your unbiased feedback regarding the services you have been provided with. Generally, such feedback forms are send to the customer along with cancellation confirmation notification letter. This way Walmart may come to know if anything is missing their side, which can be improved.
  • If you get a cancellation verification call, just provide information asked and also communicate your genuine feedback.

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